Every once in a while, someone asks me "How can I help you get callbooks?" This is usually just before they go to a hamfest, and want to know what I still need if they should see one.

This page is my attempt to prioritize and document the answers to that question. But PLEASE realize that these are only guidelines. This should NOT be interpreted as an assurance that I will buy any particular book, unless you contact me in advance (see my e-mail contact page).

Again, although particular books may be mentioned here, this is not my master list.  Remember, please contact me in advance.

That said, I am basically willing to buy any US callbook that I do not already have. I am not interested in buying DX callbooks, but I will consider a package deal for a US book I really need, if there is not a premium for also taking the DX book.

Here are some specific areas of interest and need:
  1. I would really like to obtain a very early Flying Horse callbook. They were first published in 1920. Up to Spring 1924, the amateur listings were included in the Citizens Radio Callbook. Starting in Fall 1924, they were separately published. I have semi-annual issues from November 1922 to Spring 1924. I would be interested in the Amateur Index from Fall 1924, as well as any of the earlier issues.

  2. US Government callbooks from the teens are also of interest, as are other Government callbooks from the 1920s (which I do not already have). Some of these are paperbacks, but there were also hardbound editions, with green covers.

  3. Other early callbooks from other publishers are interesting. I have a 1919 from the ARRL, but I know others also published books like this.

  4. I am especially interested in the last book published prior to World War II, Spring 42. I have the previous issue (Winter 41) and the first book published after the war, Spring 46.

  5. I am doing well on my recent focus on the missing supplements in my collection. It would be nice to find the first set of supplements issued, those from 1972. I am also missing a few others, like all of 1975, Spring 82, Summer 83, and 1995 to 1997.


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